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Run/Hide/Fight Information

run hide fight

A Comprehensive Safety Audit was completed in spring/summer 2018, with collaboration from the Carlsbad Police Department, the San Diego County Law Enforcement Coordination Center, and the US Department of Homeland Security. 

The Audit consisted of two main parts:

  1. Document review (including California Education Code, Board Policy, Administrative Regulations, training requirements, training materials, school site safety plans, best practices in school safety, etc.).

  2. Tactical survey of school campuses (including a physical review of things like perimeter fencing, ingress and egress, visitor sign-in systems, door locks, etc.). 

In August 2018, the District highlighted eighteen areas that were reviewed and analyzed regarding school safety and preparedness; the report included recommendations and anticipated costs for improvements.

In August 2022, the District publicly reviewed the current status of the school safety and preparedness measures identified in the 2018 report, and included next steps for completion of an updated 2022 Comprehensive Safety Audit, again in partnership with the Carlsbad Police Department, the San Diego County Law Enforcement Coordination Center, and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Further, as part of our ongoing efforts, the District shall hold Active Shooter Event (ASE) drills throughout the school year with staff, and age/grade-appropriate training with students.


Some Important Information Regarding the Drills

  • Student training includes practicing the hide portion of Run, Hide, Fight.

  • At the elementary level, each year staff will discuss Run, Hide, Fight with students, and depending upon age/grade level the words Run, Hide, Fight may be substituted. 

  • At the middle and high schools, each year our middle school students watch the YouTube video SAUSD Run Hide Fight (Intermediate School), and our high school students watch the YouTube video SAUSD Run Hide Fight (High School), both of which highlight all three of the elements of the Run, Hide, Fight approach, and then allow time for discussion.

  • In all schools, the drill begins with the announcement “This is a drill. This is a drill. This is a drill.” and ends with the announcement “The drill is now over. Resume normal operations."

  • Following the drill, parents may receive an informational email from their school principal to notify them that the drill was conducted.  

The goal of any drill is to improve our ability to protect students. While students and staff are aware the drill will be occurring, specifics about the date and time may not always be shared so we can better evaluate our emergency preparedness plans and improve our response skills. 

If you have any questions, please contact your school principal or Mr. Tim Evanson, District Safety Coordinator at or 760-331-5016.