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Pass/no Pass Grade options for high school families
Posted 7/30/21

July 30, 2021


Dear CUSD Parents/Guardians, 


We have received additional information and questions regarding the high school letter grade change option and wanted to provide additional information for families as you consider this option. 


Assembly Bill 104 allows parents to opt for changes in students' letter grades to pass/no pass for high school courses taken during the 2020-21 school year.


Assembly Bill 104 requires Cal State Universities and encourages the University of California and private postsecondary institutions to accept Pass/No Pass grades without prejudice and requires the CDE to publish on its website a list of colleges/universities that had agreed to do so. That list is now available by clicking here.  For colleges/universities not on that list, students are encouraged to contact the admissions department directly to inquire. Some postsecondary institutions, including those in other states, may not accept a P/NP for admission purposes. 


If you opt for a pass in lieu of a letter grade, it will not be calculated into the grade point average. The text of the Assembly Bill states that the grade change shall not negatively affect the pupil’s grade point average.  Registrars may need to review individual requests to ensure that any requested changes do not negatively impact GPA.


If you would like to change one or more grades from the 2020-21 school year from a letter grade to a Pass/No Pass, then you must complete this Grade Change Request Form and submit it to your school site’s point of contact listed below by August 19, 2021. 


At Carlsbad Unified School District we want to work collaboratively to ensure we are doing what’s best for every student and their learning. 


Please, email the completed Grade Change Request Form by August 19th to the contact below for your student’s school site:


Carlsbad High School: Dina Dagy at

Sage Creek High School: Vicki Ruby at 

Carlsbad Village Academy: Jennifer Zamora at 

Carlsbad Seaside Academy: Jennifer Zamora at 



CUSD Instructional Services Team