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Jon Moffat-Oct 22, 2019

Parent University

Parent uni

Program Description

Parent University is designed to provide CUSD parents with critical information to help their students succeed in school. The goal of Parent University is to inspire and empower parents to take their parenting know‐how to the next level.

Guiding Principles: We believe that parents are a child’s first teacher. We also believe that every parent wants their student to have the best school experience possible. To that end, we believe education is the best gift a parent can give to their children.

money lifeMoney Life for Teens

Money Life for Teens is a financial literacy boot camp designed to
help young adults ages 12-20 learn the basics of handling their
finances. This strictly educational program is designed to be taught
over three sessions of 60 minutes each and will be conducted by the
financial professionals of Anchor Bay Capital. 

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CUSD Partners with You School

equipping familiesThe YouSchool is an educational social-emotional organization committed to guiding students to build meaningful lives. The YouSchool  offers a curriculum for students, training for educators, and relevant content for parents. Learn more about them at The YouSchool is partnering with Carlsbad Unified School District Parent University to offer weekly videos every  Tuesday and Thursday relating to social and emotional well being.

Equipping Families to Cope and Thrive During COVID-19 

Equipping Families: Stress and Curiosity -- What's the best, first response when our kids freak out?

Equipping Families: Emotional Vocabulary -- What can our family learn so we can manage stress better?

Equipping Families: Emotional Space and Safety -- What environment can we create at home to reduce stress and anxiety?