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Cultural Proficiency Plan

Cultural Proficiency Plan - Progress Towards a Three Year Strategic Plan


What is Cultural Proficiency?


Cultural Proficiency is an inside-out approach that is about…

  • Being aware of how we - as individuals and as schools - work with others

  • Being aware of how we respond to those different from us

  • Visible and not so visible difference 

  • Preparing to live in a world of difference 

  • A worldview, a mindset; it is the manner in which we live our lives



Carlsbad Unified is committed to equity, inclusion and tolerance for all students and staff.  CUSD Administrative Regulation 5145.9 states, “Students will be provided a respectful, inclusive, and safe learning environment that protects them from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, or any other type of behavior that is motivated by hate.”  


We value and respect all of our diverse groups of students and we are committed to ensuring their success in school. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every student, school employee, community member, and parent can expect to be treated with dignity and respect.


To encourage understanding and acceptance of differences among our students and staff, the CUSD Board of Trustees has directed staff to create a three year Cultural Proficiency Plan.  We will be partnering with the San Diego County Office of Education to help guide us through the process.  The creation of the plan will include a deeper analysis into student academic data to identify trends; a district-wide survey; and “World Cafés” (effective and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue) involving parents, teachers, students, and community members.  We have included a general timeline of when each of these items should be completed.  The data compiled from these will then be used to create a draft Three Year Cultural Proficiency Plan.


We do not teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the Carlsbad Unified School District.  If you would like to learn more about what CRT is and why we do not teach it in CUSD, please select the link below.