Carlsbad Unified Delivers Savings to Local Taxpayers

Carlsbad Unified School District is proud to announce its most recent initiative to benefit its students and community members. This initiative will deliver bond interest savings to local taxpayers from the refinancing of some of the District’s Election of 2006 Proposition “P” Bonds.

Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, Superintendent Dr. Suzette Lovely chose to take advantage of historically low interest rates to refinance the District’s Election of 2006 Proposition “P” Bonds without extending the term of those bonds. The District was able to reduce the interest rates on the bonds from 4.98% to 2.42%, reducing the community’s tax bill by $1.132 million over the next 13 years.


Board President Ann Tanner elaborates, “Day in and day out, saving taxpayers’ money is a major priority for the CUSD Board. The school district’s ability to deliver on these savings is a real plus for our students and community.”


While the District will not receive any part of the savings, the Board and Superintendent pursued this opportunity strictly on behalf of local taxpayers as part of their continued support and commitment to the education of the children of the community.

Posted by: Sharan Merchant, District Admin, Carlsbad Unified School District Published:8/7/14
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