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Staff Wellness


Carlsbad Unified School District has partnered with Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente to design and implement a customized employee wellness program called "World Class Wellness".

This wellness program is at no cost to our district and in fact, numerous studies have found that a successful employee wellness program can save the district money by reducing insurance costs over time.

The goal is to provide tools to encourage our employees to lead a healthier lifestyle and create a culture of health at work.


District Health Champions

The following are the School Site/DO site Health Champions. They are responsible for relaying information about Health and Wellness to each site. If you have anything you would like to share please forward it onto them. For more information about a certain topic, contact Rosemary Eshelman. 


AOE - Robin Pinner, Administrative Assistant

AOMS - Lynne De Cosmo, Teacher

BV - Jennifer Larson, Health Technician

CHE & CHMS - Stephanie Hall, Resource Teacher

CHS - Jane McGhee, PE Teacher

CVA - Eric Ezier

Hope - Judy Hansen, Administrative Assistant

Jefferson - Theresa Nugent, Speech & Language Pathologist

Kelly - Barbara Swearingen, Administrative Assistant

Magnolia - Leslie Larson, Health Technician

Pacific Rim - Kim Wilson, Health Technician

Poinsettia - Laina Baima, Teacher

Sage Creek - Jill Kenny, Nutrition Services

VMS - Kendra Brooks, Teacher

DO - Susan Renaud, Food Services Operation Manager

Wellness Resources

  • Live Well San Diego - an innovative initiative of the County of San Diego to be healthy, safe and thriving.