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High Schools


Carlsbad High

3557 Monroe Street • Carlsbad, CA 92008 • (760) 331-5100 
 FAX (760) 729-6830 • Attd Hotline (760) 331-5170

Matthew Steitz, Ed.D., Principal - email
(760) 331-5199

School Hours: 7:30-2:20  Wednesday Start: 8:30
School Website • MapCHSTV

School Accountability Report Cards
CHS Scholarship Program Brochure 


Sage Creek High

3900 Cannon Road • Carlsbad, CA 92010 • (760) 331-6600
FAX (760) 730-9698 
• Attd Hotline (760) 331-6670

Cesar Morales, Principal - email
(760) 331-6699
School Hours: 7:30-2:20  Wednesday Start: 8:30
School Website 
School Accountability Report Cards