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Advanced Learner Ed

Advanced Learner Education



A differentiated curriculum model is in place for all students at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels. GATE focuses on the advanced level component of the general education curriculum and is delivered during the regular school day.

We recognize that gifted students have special talents that must be nurtured, as well as unique needs that must be addressed through accommodations such as differentiation of content, instruction, and assessment, as well as through careful attention to their social-emotional development. By considering the whole child, and not just his or her innate abilities, teachers, parents, and administrators will be able to challenge and motivate gifted students to reach for the stars and achieve at their full potential.


What is Differentiation?

  • Differentiation means providing students with different tasks and activities.
  • Differentiation can be varying the pacing, challenge level, and/or instructional strategy to meet ...more

Advanced Learner Characteristics

The following is a list of several intellectual and corresponding personality characteristics that are typical of many gifted learners.

Intellectual Characteristics
Personality Characteristics
Exceptio ...more

Advanced Learner Education Parent Resources

Parent Depth and Complexity Information

Contact Information

For more information about the Carlsbad Unified School District Advanced Learner Education, please contact: 

Kimberly Huesing 
Director, Elementary Education
(760) 331-5014 

For specific information about middle school or high school Advanced level and/or A.P. classes, please contact your student's counselor. 

Advanced Learner Coursework

Middle School – High School Advanced Coursework Sequence


  • 6th grade – Common Core 6 Advanced
  • 7th grade – Common Core 7/8A (accelerated class - covers 1 1/2 years of math in 1 year)
  • 8th grade – Common ...more

Glossary of Terms

Here are some of the key words and definitions you will need to better understand our Gifted and Talented Education Program:

  • Cluster Grouping
    Students are grouped within a regular classroom ...more

Advanced Learner Links

Advanced Learner Education Evening presentations and handouts

Judi Stapleton - Encouraging Artistic Talent in Your Gifted Child

Sharon St. Clair - Techs Do's and Dont's ...more

Advanced Learner Education Teacher Resources

A wealth of information is also available from the following:

* California Association for the Gifted (562) 789-9933 Website: http://www.cagifted.org/

* National Association for Gifted Children (NACG) ...more