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2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Date Minutes  Date Minutes Date Minutes 
Jan 11 Minutes Mar 8 Minutes    
Jan 25 Minutes Mar 22 Minutes    
Feb 15 Minutes        

2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Date Minutes  Date Minutes Date Minutes 
Jan 13 Minutes.pdf Mar 16 Minutes.pdf Jun 8 Minutes.pdf
Jan 20 Minutes.pdf Apr 20 Minutes.pdf Jun 22 Minutes.pdf
Feb 5 Minutes.pdf Apr 22 Minutes.pdf Aug 17  Minutes.pdf
Feb 10 Minutes.pdf Apr 23 Minutes.pdf Sep 14 Minutes.pdf
Feb 17 Minutes.pdf Apr 24 Minutes.pdf Oct 12 Minutes.pdf
Mar 2 Minutes.pdf May 4 Minutes.pdf Nov 9 Minutes.pdf
Mar 14 Minutes.pdf May 18 Minutes.pdf Dec 7 Minutes.pdf

2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Date Minutes  Date Minutes Date Minutes  Date Minutes 
Jan 14 Minutes.pdf Apr 22 Minutes.pdf Jun 23 Minutes - Supt Annual Eval.pdf Sept 9 Minutes.pdf
Feb 11 Minutes.pdf Apr 28 Minutes.pdf Jun 29 Minutes - Supt Annual Eval.pdf Oct 14 Minutes.pdf
Mar 11 Minutes.pdf May 13 Minutes.pdf Jul 8  Minutes.pdf Nov 18 Minutes.pdf
Mar 20 Minutes.pdf June 3 Minutes.pdf Jul 14 Minutes.pdf Dec 9 Minutes.pdf
Mar 30 Minutes.pdf June 17 Minutes.pdf Aug 19 Minutes.pdf