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Tuesday, August 26 is Back to School Day in Carlsbad Unified. Teachers officially returned last Wednesday, and have been preparing their classrooms, receiving training on new curriculum, and getting ready to welcome their students to the new schoo... Continue
Posted by: Sharan Merchant
Published: 8/25/14

Student Registration and Enrollment
Welcome all to the 2014-2015 School Year! Registration information is available on the Student Registration and Enrollment page. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below and proceed as instructed. Please register at your child&#... Continue
Posted by: Sharan Merchant
Published: 8/14/14

Carlsbad Unified Delivers Savings to Local Taxpayers
Carlsbad Unified School District is proud to announce its most recent initiative to benefit its students and community members. This initiative will deliver bond interest savings to local taxpayers from the refinancing of some of the District&rsqu... Continue
Posted by: Sharan Merchant
Published: 8/7/14

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First Day of School - Aug 26, 2014

Today: 8/27/14